1 Introduction

1.1 Laboratory and supervision

The Laboratory of Signals and Systems (L2S) is a French research laboratory created in 1974, operated by the CNRS, CentraleSupélec and the University of Paris-Saclay.

Research at L2S is conducted in fundamental and applied mathematics, divided into three main fields: Systems and Control, Signal processing and Statistics, and Networks and Telecommunications.

My supervisor Dario Prandi, is a member of the COMEDY team which focuses on analysis of structural properties and control of classes of dynamical systems. The main focus is on fundamental results, but with a strong link to applications [2].

Dario Prandi has been working on a bio-inspired model for sound reconstruction, along with Ugo Boscain, Ludovic Sacchelli, and Giuseppina Turco. Ugo Boscain (CNRS, Inria, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Sorbonne Université) has supervised me closely along with Dario Prandi.

As the intership took place during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, I worked from home. An open channel on Microsoft Teams allowed us to communicate whenever it was needed. Moreover, a visio-conference call was scheduled to discuss the established work and the following tasks. In addition, whenever we had the chance, an in-person meeting was organized allowing a prolonged discussion of the on-going work.

1.2 Internship mission

The goal of the internship is to carry out the work that had been started on the sound reconstruction model, which needed at that point numerical and theoretical validation.

Preliminary tests were carried out on synthetic sounds, giving promising results. Nevertheless, tests on real speech signals were needed as the model was conceived for that purpose. The course of the internship would be decided depending on the numerical validation. As it turned out, a new mathematical approach was needed in order to improve the model.


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