First I would like to thank my supervisors, Dario Prandi and Ugo Boscain for the great opportunity and their invaluable advice and guidance throughout the internship, as well as their support along with Giuseppina Turco in my project of persuing a PhD. I would also like to thank Ludovic Sacchelli along with them for the opportunity to coauther a paper in the GSI 2021 conference.

I am also extremely grateful to Natalie Fortier for her support during my studies in the GM department, especially during the last two years. My thanks extend to the GM professors who have helped me discover my passion and opened my mind to new horizons. I would also like to thank the professors of the ITA Master’s program at University of Rouen Normandie, especially Jean-Philippe Dubernard.

Most importantly, I thank my family, without their tremendous support it would be impossible for me to complete my studies. My parents for prioritizing our education, Raja and Madeleine for their unwaivoring support throughout my education, Jad and Mery for their care and support despite the distance.

Finally, I want to thank my second Rouen family, Ibrahim my best friend and colleague for his continuous encouragement, along with Louise, Hajar, and Diane, for the stimulating discussions, and their help and encouragement. Last but not least, Sally who was there for me and lifted me up during the difficult times.